Meetra AI
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Speaker Emotions Over Time

This endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of 1-minute chunks with emotions per speaker from a processed meeting recording.
Endpoint: /single-feature-api/speaker-emotions-over-time
Method: GET


  • Authorization: Bearer token (header)
  • file-hash: Hash of the meeting recording file (query)


  • 200 OK: List of fragments with emotions successfully retrieved
    Example Response:
    "chunks": [
    "start_ms": 0,
    "end_ms": 60000,
    "emotions": {
    "speaker_id": "string"
    "start_ms": 60001,
    "end_ms": 120000,
    "emotions": {
    "speaker_id": "string"
    // More chunks...
  • 400 Bad Request: Invalid request
  • 401 Unauthorized: Unauthorized access
  • 404 Not Found: Meeting not found
This endpoint provides detailed insights into the emotional dynamics of a meeting by breaking down the emotions per speaker in 1-minute chunks. The response includes the start and end times of each chunk, along with the emotions associated with each speaker during that time frame.