Meetra AI Conversation Intelligence API Reference

The Meetra AI API allows you to access various features and insights generated from processed meeting recordings using the Conversation Intelligence API. This documentation provides an overview of the API endpoints, their functionalities, request parameters, and response formats.

Base URL

The base URL for accessing the Meetra AI API is

API Endpoints

These are all available endpoints. Click individual endpoint for full reference.


User Login Used to obtain authorisation secret for the API

Upload Audio / Video material Uploads audio/video recording of a conversation for future processing

Speaker Detection Detects speakers and provides alias if available in the database

Rename Speaker Renames selected speaker giving it an alias for future recognition

Speaker Audio Quality Detects speaker audio quality including internet connection issues

Group Dynamics

Speaker Balance Score Balance score for the conversation

Individual Speaker Balance Retrieves speaker talk-time balance in % for each active speaker

Conversation Dynamics Energy, sentiment, interactions and speaker engagement throughout the conversation

Sentiment Score Provides sentiment score for the conversation

Conversation Emotions Provides list of emotions and their strength in the conversation

Speaker Emotions Over Time Provides individual emotions over time in 1 minute chunks

Conversational Energy Provides energy score for the conversation

Interaction Score Provides interaction score for the conversation

Interaction Strength Between Speakers Shows interaction strength between pairs of speakers in the conversation

Topic Overlay

Topic Dynamics & Details Provides energy, sentiment, speaker engagement and interaction insights into detected topics


Speaker Key Points Detects emphasized key points for speakers

Conversation Transcript Provides full transcript with speaker ids and timestamps

Questions Asked Maps all questions asked in the conversation

Conversation and Speaker Summaries Summarizes the conversation and each speaker input

Conversation Topics and Keywords Provides list of topics in the conversation in 5 minute intervals

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