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Conversation Intelligence for the Future of Work

The Meetra AI Conversation Intelligence API is a modular solution that provides a comprehensive analysis of human conversation audio. This analysis includes transcripts, group dynamics, topic-oriented dynamics and communication patterns throughout the conversation. The modular design allows developers to create complete products and solutions on top of the API. The infrastructure has been built together by the founders of Timeqube and UMCS University in Poland.

The Four Layers

Meetra AI Operates in four distinct layers of data analysis

  1. Context Layer - Transcripts, Summaries, Key Points, Questions

  2. Group Dynamics Layer - Overall Sentiment, Energy, Interactions, Balance

  3. Fluctuation Layer - Energy, Sentiment, Interaction and individual emotion changes in time

  4. Topic Overlay - Topics, Contributors, Sentiment, Energy and Interaction Patterns for discovered topics

Further Reading

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Built with Meetra AI

Current Development Stage

Meetra AI is currently in the beta testing phase, with a demo available for users to upload their meetings and view a sample report visualisation. We have opened the API for developers to tinker with different endpoints for free. You can apply for API access here.

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