Conversation Emotions

The Meetra AI API provides endpoints for analyzing and extracting emotions from processed meeting recordings. This documentation specifically covers the endpoints related to meeting emotions.

Endpoint: /single-feature-api/meeting/meeting-emotions

HTTP Method: GET


  • Authorization (header): Bearer token required for authentication.

  • file-hash (query): Hash of the meeting recording file.


MeetingEmotionsResponse (schema)

MeetingEmotions (schema)

Example Request

GET /single-feature-api/meeting/meeting-emotions?file-hash=abcdef1234567890
Authorization: Bearer <JWT_token>

Example Response

  "meeting_emotions": {
    "anger": 32.3,
    "disgust": 17.3,
    "fear": 2.6,
    "happiness": 1,
    "neutral": 29.3,
    "not_sure": 17.5

Error Responses

UploadError400 (schema)

UploadError401 (schema)


This concludes the documentation for the Meetra AI API's meeting emotions feature. You can use this endpoint to retrieve the emotions score for a processed meeting, providing the necessary authentication and meeting recording details.

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