Speeding Up Organisation's Cultural Transformation with deep meeting analytics


Meetra AI NorthStar is a state-of-the-art AI-based diagnostic tool designed to support team and organizational cultural transformation. Through meticulous analysis of business meeting recordings, NorthStar dives deep into the intricacies of team dynamics, leadership, and communication, providing actionable insights and recommendations.

At A Glance

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Essence: AI that assesses team collective intelligence by analyzing meeting recordings.


  • Team Dynamics Analysis:

    • Determine team phase according to Tuckman

    • Identify dysfunctions as per Lencioni

    • Understand team maturity and organization color using Laloux's frameworks

    • Recognize leadership styles exhibited by the meeting leader

    • Decode team conflict types through Mooreโ€™s perspective

  • Meeting Insights:

    • Gauge meeting quality, capturing key maturity pain points

    • Benefit from detailed reports complete with actionable recommendations

  • Data Sources:

    • Emotions and Sentiments

    • Balance and Interaction maps

    • Discussed Topics and Sentiment Fluctuation

    • Energy dynamics

    • Comprehensive Transcripts

    • Key Points, Questions, and Action Items

Advanced Data Interpretation with LLM

Meetra AI NorthStar leverages Large Language Models (LLM) to transform the raw, anonymized data gathered by the Meetra AI Infrastructure into meaningful, actionable insights.


  • Fully automated data interpretation

  • Analysis conducted by advanced LLMs

  • Comprehensive reports generated in mere hours

  • Modular architecture through Meetra AI API, allowing seamless integration into various business workflows

Example: Meeting Quality Analysis


  • Cost Efficiency: AI-driven evaluations significantly undercut traditional consulting giants like Deloitte.

  • Time Respect: The evaluation process is unobtrusive, ensuring workforce time is allocated towards organizational development.

  • Unearth Hidden Topics: Address often overlooked organizational subjects, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

  • Crisis Management: Equip CEOs with swift insights for proactive crisis management.

  • Consistent Insights: Regular, AI-backed evaluations for up-to-date team effectiveness monitoring.

  • Resource-Savvy Cultural Transformation: Facilitate cultural shifts with minimal resource engagement.

Holistic Diagnostics and Recommendations

Diagnostic Areas:

  • Meeting Evaluation: Detailed insights on structure, objectives, communication patterns, leadership dynamics, and more.

  • Team Processes: Analyze team dynamics using principles from Lencioni, Tuckman, and Malone.

  • Leadership Assessment: Delve into leadership styles and organizational maturity as guided by Laloux's framework.

  • Conflict Analysis: Understand conflict dynamics using Moore's perspectives.

  • Facilitation Optimization: Recommendations for improved facilitation methods.

  • Hot Topics and Key Contributors: Identify pressing issues and the key personnel addressing them.

  • Team Morale: The Team Happiness Index serves as a pulse check for team satisfaction.

  • FOMO No More: With detailed transcripts, summaries, and action points, you're always in the loop.

Deliverable: Clients receive a comprehensive report segmented with targeted recommendations for tangible improvement.

Addressing Pain Points

With remote work becoming the norm and organizations scaling rapidly, several challenges arise:

  • Inconsistent team management models

  • Potential inefficiencies in remote teams going unnoticed

  • Limited time for individual team member engagement

  • Overwhelming management topics to address

Meetra AI NorthStar is tailor-made to address these pain points, ensuring teams function optimally and organizations continue on their growth trajectory.

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Meetra AI NorthStar is not just a diagnostic tool. It's a partner for businesses, consultants, and coaches, offering a new paradigm in understanding team and organizational dynamics. Whether you're looking to enhance team productivity, facilitate cultural transformation, or ensure consistent team management, NorthStar is your ally.

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